Quick Crunchy Flavorful Chips

The nicest thing about doing your own chips is that you can experiment with different flavors!

Serving: I’m exactly here: 48 middle-sized chips. Here is the calculation: if the bag has 6 tortillas, you cut each of them into 8 pieces it will make 48. Be sure to count them every time after somebody appears on kitchen because it’s Yummm☺.

Time: 5 minutes (not including oven process)

4 basic ingredients I’m using:

  • 1 bag of tortillas (see brands on the pic below)
  • Grapeseed or coconut oil (best oils for for cooking, they don’t destroys at high temp)
  • Spices you prefer (see ingredient list for their pureness. Some of the spices have even trans-fats!)
  • Sea Salt
  • Lots of love! – Very important ingredient. Always add it to every meal to boos the taste of the final product☺

Note: all these grains are slightly alkaline or even acidic (especially when baked) that’s why I include them into 20-30% of your meal like add crunchiness to your salad, serve with alkaline sauce (guacamole, dairy-free pesto, tahini sauce etc.).

I want to write “Let’s get started!” but we are almost finish our chips☺

Directions: Take a tortilla, slightly grease with the oil so that the spices can stick. You can do both sides or just one. Add a little bit if the Sea salt or just leave it (like I prefer to do). I'm using the palm of my hand to oil and spice the tortilla. Take your tortilla, slightly(!) bend in half , then bend again in half , again, and again. It’s easier to break them into even pieces after they are done. You should have 8 even pieces (like sunrays) or you can do bigger pieces - only 4 from 1 tortilla. See pic. Put an the oven rack at approx. 300-350F, bake until a little brown and crispy, about 8 minutes. Take from the oven, break and enjoy!

Attention: Don’t forget turn off the oven and take them from the oven! My experience tells me to tell you again: Don’t forget turn off the oven and take them from the oven!


Thank you for your time. Enjoy your Health!