Flowerish Buckwheat Alkaline Salad

Remember: we eat first with our eyes! And salads are beautiful way to make our food attractive. 

Alkaline Buckwheat Salad


You can replace buckwheat with any types of grain (I would recommend to choose the alkaline grain, you can find them in the pH chart for foods). 

This salad is easy to arrange, and when you have leftover grain, it can be used in the beautiful salad. 

Time: about 10-25 minutes (depends if you have buckwheat prepared before or you will cook it now)

Serving: it was just one portion for me ☺, but you can easily double it.

I will give you ingredients of what I did (but of course you may vary your spices, proportions, and replace buckwheat for millet, quinoa, or brown rice):

  • 2-3 Handful of mixed greens (or you can use spinach, lettuce, baby kale or even shredded green cabbage as a base)
  • 3-4 Tbl fresh parsley and/or green onions
  • Juice of ½ lemon
  • One cut tomato 
  • 1 smashed avocado (with sea salt and garlic)
  • 1 Tbsp of hemp seeds
  • A handful of soaked almonds (organic if possible)
  • Hemp seed oil for the salad(you can be used any other, I like hemp because it complements the hemp seeds in the salad and I love its slightly bitter taste) 
  • olive oil for the buckwheat
  • 2-3 Tbsp pomegranate seeds
  • Couple of edible flowers (you can find them in health foods stores)
  • Sea Salt, black pepper to taste

Direction: I think this salad is easier to do on each separate plate rather then in one big bowl, because you don't really mix it. You just put all ingredients in layers and it's done!

Easy Four Steps Process:

1. Take you mixed greens, add some parsley, green onions, tomatoes, soaked almonds on top. Sprinkle some sea salt, fresh crushed pepper, drizzle some healthy oil (I used hemp oil) and lemon juice. 

2. Prepare your buckwheat: cook your buckwheat: soak for couple hours or overnight, rinse throughly and cook - 1 cup whole raw buckwheat groats and 2 cups water. Bring to a boil and keep it on as low as possible heat up to 15 minutes. Also I like to let stand 5 minutes after cooking. Let it cool down slightly and add sea salt and olive oil. You can also add some of your favorite spices here. Add buckwheat on top of your salad right in the middle. 

3. Smashed an avocado, add some sea salt, fresh garlic. Add it on top of your buckwheat. 

4. Add some edible flowers (I used ), sprinkle some hemp and pomegranate seeds on top. 

Flowerish Buchkwheat Salad

Your beautiful flowerish salad is done! Enjoy it anytime! 
Loves, Veronica at AlkalineMorning.com