Quick Guide For Healthy Oils September 23, 2015 12:53

Hi folks,
I think it’s a good idea to have a quick healthy oil guide by hands. 

We often hear: "is the flax oil good for you?" or any other oil. Here is the information for you I extracted from some good sources, just do a screenshot of this post or save the photo and have this info anytime you need it!

No-fat diet could be very dangerous (nutritional deficiencies and degeneration). But they key is to eat healthy fats and avoid bad fats. Here we go:

Bad: Saturated fats (found in butter, cheese, red meat) and partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats) raise your “bad” cholesterol etc.

Good: We get a good long-lasting energy from healthy oils that come from seeds and nuts, fruits and veggies, fish. They also help building the cell walls, producing hormones, strengthening immune cells, eliminating toxins etc.

Here is healthy oils options:

Avocado oil
Borage oil
Coconut oil
Evening primrose oil
Fish oil
Flax oil
Grape seed oil
Hemp oil
Olive oil
Pumpkin seed oil
Sesame oil
Walnut Oil

Those listed below are great sources of Omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. You can also buy their combination in the suggested ratio 3:1:1 (accordingly) like Udo’s brand.
Plus, very rare and healthy omega-5 oil that is found in pomegranate seeds – so chew those seeds as well when eating pomegranate!

Where to buy: You can find those oils in the refrigerated section of the store (especially health foods stores) or you can buy online.

! - Look for cold-pressed oils - possibly organic - don’t heat the oils yourself - keep refrigerated and use quickly. Read labels to avoid additives to those oils.

How to use: Use them in your “lemon/lime-healthy oil-sea salt-fav seasoning” dressing and dizzle on steamed veggies (only after cooking the food). Add to shakes/smoothes.

Best oils to cook (from my research): coconut oil (make sure it’s hexane-free, possibly organic and free of bleaching, deodorizing, refining, or hydrogenation). Other oils (even olive oil!) when heated go rancid.

Try to avoid: corn, soy, peanut, cottonseed oils, and mixed vegetable oils (mostly GMO, contain toxic etc.).


Sources: Dr. Mercola, Dr Oz, Dr. Young, Dr Weil


Thank you for reading this! I'm feeling blessed sharing good info with you :) 

Loves, Veronica at AlkalineMorning.com