Let's Add Healthy Crunch to Your Salad! September 03, 2015 21:39 1 Comment

But the salad becomes more enjoyable when to add something crunchy to it. And we can go smart & alkaline about that!

The regular croutons are often very salty, fried, high in carbs, acidic preservatives...

I want to share with you some ideas from how I love to diverse my salads with crunchiness! They won't compromise alkaline design of the body and instead they will add a good nutritional value to your salad! Yum! 

1. What about crushing down some healthy crunchy crackers over your salads. Ideally raw crackers like flax crackers would be great - high in omegas, high in fiber and in protein. 

I love those brands: Doctor in The Kitchen Flackers (Rosemary, Dill, Savory, Sun-dried Tomatoes Basil), Two Moms in the Raw, or Mary's Gone Crackers (Super seeds flavor is the purest one, it does not contain alcohol or tamari. Other flavors: herbs, jalapeno, black pepper, onion, and original). Or you can make your own crackers! 


2. Healthy Chips Alternatives - I have the whole blog post about chips please visit it when you have a minute. But sweet potato chips or apple chips works great on salads - especially when there are tons of small pieces left in the bag - they would be a nice crunchy additive to your salad! just make sure they are made from pure ingredients without preservatives and bad oils.


3. Baked Crunchy Peas Snacks  - I am particularly in love with "Organic Peas Please" by peeled snacks. Those guys are as a snack anytime!


4. Beans & Garbanzo Beans Snacks - high in protein and fiber, they became popular lately. My favorite brands: The Good Bean and Snack Out Loud (made from kidney beans). 


5. Sprouted Seeds and Nuts - this would be the best option I believe. You can buy already sprouted (but the price is higher in compare to not sprouted) or you can soak them overnight (best in alkaline water) and dehydrate after. You can add some spices or just sea salt to have them more flavorful. Perfect alkaline food/ snack just anytime! 


6. Brown Rice Crisps and O's - just look at the ingredients list, better when they are low or without sugar, gluten free (better made from beans, lentils, quinoa, millet etc.). I love those brands: Power O's by LoveGrown Food (original flavor - ), Veganic Sprouted Oat's and Veganic Sprouted Brown Rice Crisps - both by One Degree Organic Foods.


7. And now I am thinking about that we forget something - we can do our own healthy croutons. It's very easy to do - just cut your healthy bread alternative (I love Manna bread - sprouted, no yeast, no preservatives etc) and season, add sea salt and bake until crispy! A actually will create recipe and add the link next week. 

I hope those ideas will be helpful for you and the new crunchiness will make your stomach craving the salad even more!

I appreciate your time and attention.
Loves, Veronica at AlkalineMorning.com