Chips! March 11, 2014 23:46

Everybody loves crunchy salty stuff! Chips! We eat them as an appetizer with some sauce or just like a snack, side dish etc. today let's talk about more healthy choices of the chips.

Corn and potato chips are very popular today. I don’t want to focus on what’s wrong with them. Just enough to say they are loaded with fried oil (often GMO☹), with processed salt (!), most potatoes and corn used for chips are not organic and GMO. They are simple carbs which are sugars☹ Moreover corn contains 25 different mycotoxin-producting fungi (see resources at the bottom of the articles)… They are definitely not alkaline and bad for us. Enough!!!

And now a nice part for you – let’s go shopping in absentia☺ Here are some pictures for you of the chips ready to buy.

Sweet potato chips TERRA brand are free of artificial additives, sweeteners, preservatives (some types of this brand). Sweet potato is complex carb, high in vitamin A, ok if eat in moderation (20% of your plate) with alkaline meal like guacamole☺ Costco offers now a big bag of sweet potato chips (pic on the left).


Bean chips or Bean & Rice chips are becoming very popular now but many contain too much stuff to be more healthy alternative. These brands are pretty pure.

Also crispbread is very popular these days. It’s also crunchy. Better to choose gluten-free and yeast-free, no sugar added.

This one is my favorite! It’s crispy, made from buckwheat (which is a seed not a grain). It has kind of plain taste (which I like because my fresh herbs add flavor I want!) but it’s very crispy. Made in France, less then 1% of sugar. Expensive☹ that’s why you will enjoy it even more☺.

And also I want to show you how quickly to do your own chips from these guys: sprouted wheat tortillas, sprouted grains tortillas, or black/brown rice tortillas. My favorite brand is Engine 2 Plant-strong.

Quick Crunchy Flavorful Chips

The nicest thing about doing your own chips is that you can experiment with different flavors!

Serving: I’m exactly here: 48 middle-sized chips. Here is the calculation: if the bag has 6 tortillas, you cut each of them into 8 pieces it will make 48. Be sure to count them every time after somebody appears on kitchen because it’s Yummm☺.

Time: 5 minutes (not including oven process)

4 basic ingredients I’m using:

  • 1 bag of tortillas (see brands on the pic below)
  • Grapeseed or coconut oil (best oils for for cooking, they don’t destroys at high temp)
  • Spices you prefer (see ingredient list for their pureness. Some of the spices have even trans-fats!)
  • Sea Salt
  • Lots of love! – Very important ingredient. Always add it to every meal to boos the taste of the final product☺

Note: all these grains are slightly alkaline or even acidic (especially when baked) that’s why I include them into 20-30% of your meal like add crunchiness to your salad, serve with alkaline sauce (guacamole, dairy-free pesto, tahini sauce etc.).

I want to write “Let’s get started!” but we are almost finish our chips☺

Directions: Take a tortilla, slightly grease with the oil so that the spices can stick. You can do both sides or just one. Add a little bit if the Sea salt or just leave it (like I prefer to do). I'm using the palm of my hand to oil and spice the tortilla. Take your tortilla, slightly(!) bend in half , then bend again in half , again, and again. It’s easier to break them into even pieces after they are done. You should have 8 even pieces (like sunrays) or you can do bigger pieces - only 4 from 1 tortilla. See pic. Put an the oven rack at approx. 300-350F, bake until a little brown and crispy, about 8 minutes. Take from the oven, break and enjoy!

Attention: Don’t forget turn off the oven and take them from the oven! My experience tells me to tell you again: Don’t forget turn off the oven and take them from the oven!


Thank you for your time. Enjoy your Health!



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