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Top 10 Most Alkaline Foods December 03, 2015 10:00

I thought, a short blog post about most alkalizing foods would be an awesome idea. Pick your favorite foods and always make sure to include them into your daily meals in different forms - salads, freshly pressed juices, soups, sauces etc. 

What are those numbers?

They indicate pH value of the foods (pH stands for 'potential of Hydrogen'). A pH scale ranks from 1 to 14. The middle is 7 as the neutral point. Numbers below 7 indicate acidity which increases as the value decreases. The numbers above 7 means alkalinity. 

It's all measured on the logarithmic scale, meaning that each number, up or down the scale, represents a tenfold difference in value. E. g., a pH 9 alkaline means ten times alkaline as a pH of 8. The same with acid numbers (only different direction). 

Top 10 the most alkaline foods

Which other foods are acidic and which are alkaline please check out my Acid Alkaline Food Chart

Alkaline Foods

Some Ideas How to Use Them

Wheatgrass +33.8 (and other grasses)

Fresh Juicing, or you can buy a powder and add to your fresh juices or smoothes

Fresh Cucumber +31.5

This highly alkaline high water content vegetable can be great as a snack, or sliced in salads, perfect for juicing.

Red radish +16.7

Salads and snacks, one of the highest protein vegetable.

Broccoli +16.2

Soups, salads, pasta, hummus/ black bean dips, curries – some ways to consume broccoli.

Avocado +15.6

A perfect food that can be added to salads, used as a base for soups/ shakes/ sauces. Avocado sandwich/ toast sounds good? etc.

Tomato +13.6

Add to salads, enjoy tomato soup, stuff them with your favorite grains etc.

Celery +13.3

Great for juicing, salads, soups, snacks like dipping  into almond butter, creating homemade vegetable broth etc.

Garlic +13.2

Perfect for sauces, spreads, avocado toast, soups and salads etc.

Spinach +13.1

Smoothes, shakes, salads, sandwiches etc.

Lemon +9.9 and limes +8.2

Excellent way to flavor and alkalize your water, also add to sauces, squeeze on your salads or grain etc.


*Referenced from Dr. Robert O. Young, The pH Miracle Book. 

Let's Build Yummy Alkaline Salad! November 11, 2015 10:05

Once you will learn those basic yet important salad principles you will rock-and-roll. Because remember: salads are what to focus on when we are eating - very nutritious, highly alkaline which means very energizing salad.

Consider salad as a main dish! A salad is not just lettuce, tomatoes and ranch – sounds boring... It’s a rainbow of ingredients and dressings, spices, crunchiness etc – You need to learn them! 

Of course, there are not absolute rules. Please be creative and break them! This is just general principals and little guide for you. And as an example here is the Wonderful Soft Kale Salad - it has "rules" numbers that you can find in the table below. 

Wonderful Kale Salad Steps

There are six tastes of food that we are going to incorporate and balance into the delicious healthy satisfying salad!

The flavors are:

  • Sweet
  • Sour
  • Salty
  • Bitter
  • Pungent
  • Astringent 
When it comes to a salad be creative and play with different flavors and textures.


    Description/ Examples

    1. Create Salad Base.

    Green base (bitter flavor): kale, arugula, romaine, spinach, mix of greens (like spring mix), green and/or purple cabbage, dandelion, watercress etc.

    The base could be also a vegetable – like cucumber or carrot, tomatoes in season, or mix of root veggies.

    Tip: salad spinner is a good investment, it’s cheap and very helpful when drying the greens.

    Base for an alkaline salad

    1. Add Variety to your Salad - Fruits and Veggies.

    Two or three variety of veggies and fruits would be perfect to add to your base.

    Veggies like water-rich highly alkaline cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, celery, sprouts etc. (astringent flavor) 

    Add a little sweetness (sweet flavor) by adding root veggies like root beets, jicama, parsnip, carrots etc. and/or a little amount of fruits like green apples, grapefruits, pomegranate, pears, berries, even some watermelon cube etc.

    Other flavorful veggies like green onions, red onions, shallot, garlic etc. will give so much flavor to the salad.

    Fruits and veggies for alkaline salad

    1. Herbs will make your Salad more Sexy and Intriguing.

    Herbs are perfect way to diverse the salad.

    There are two types of herbs: soft and hard.

    The soft herbs are thyme, dill, cilantro, parsley, basil, marjoram, chervil, chives ect. – add some to your mixed salad.

    Hard herbs like rosemary, lavender, sage, lemongrass are strongly flavored and hart to eat. So, they could be fine chopped and added to your dressing.

     Herbs for alkaline salad

    1. Create an Amazing Salad Dressing.

    It often happens that the dressing can make a healthy salad unhealthy.   

    We don’t want to have sugar, bad sodium, corn syrup, GMO etc in the dressing.

    Let’s stick to pure alkaline flavorful ingredients when making the dressing.

    And here is the basic dressing that you can make and keep in your fridge for up to 10 days. Very helpful classic rule for salad dressing: keep one part acid to three parts oil - it’s 1:3 rule. It’s not a must, just a nice recommendation from cooking school.

    So, the basic ingredients are:

    • Lemon/ lime/ grapefruit juice - 1/3 parts (sour flavor)
    • Healthy Oil (olive, hemp, flaxseed, Udo’s oil etc - your choice) -2/3 parts
    • Sea salt (salty flavor)
    • Freshly ground black pepper, minced garlic and herbs of your choice (pungent flavor)
    Of course, be creative and add any other ingredients you like – mustard, tahini, almond butter, different herbs, varieties of hot peppers and spices etc.

       Note: Distribute the dressing on the greens seconds before the salad is served, except the some more hard green leafs like kale or cabbage (they are the best when you marinate them in your dressing couple hours before eating). 

      Ingredients for alkaline dressing

      1. Add Crunchiness.

      Please check my blog post on different ways to add healthy crunch to the salad.

      But some ideas like sprouted dried nuts and seeds, homemade backed crouton (made from gluten free sprouted bread) or crush some gluten free salty crackers – all these will perfectly work!

      Add crunch right before serving the salad! 

      healthy crunch for salad

      1. Add Creamy Texture. 

      It's asways good to add something that has soft creamy texture. Avocado is #1 I would recommend, it’s alkaline, it’s extremely healthy. But also adding sometimes organic raw goat cheese or nut cheese (better when homemade) would be a good option, as well. What about banana (not overripe one), or sun-dried tomatoes, or even soft fresh walnuts

      creamy soft ingredients for the salad 

      1. Beautiful Presentation.

      We eat first with our eyes! So, always make the salad pretty, arrange beautifully on the plate. Use varicolored veggies and fruits, edible flowers, try to add new fruit or veggie to the salad, use contrast, for example, white sesame seeds and/or pomegranates seeds looks very pretty on the dark kale leafs, cut/ shred fruits and veggies in different ways etc.

      Beautiful yummy alklaine salads presentation

      1. Keep Acid-Alkaline Balance.
      • The 80/20 rule could also work for a salad. For example, if you want to add some warm quinoa/ buckwheat/ piece of wild salmon.
      • Avoid adding to much sweetened fried fruits for example, aim to have more salty rather then sweet salad (because the sun-dried sea salt is highly alkaline).
      • Add as much water-rich alkaline fruits and veggies as possible. 


      Please take time to create and enjoy a beautiful healthy salad - it's an investment in your health!
      Loves, Veronica at

      Alkaline Snacks to Help You Stay on Track until Next Meal! October 08, 2015 14:21

      I want to share with you some awesome tips on healthy alkaline snacking. Because this part of our eating seems to fail very often especially when we get really hungry… and we are ready to eat almost everything we see... So, let quickly observe snacks options that could be always by hand.

      Healthy Alkaline Snacks

      I want to have this blog post vey structured so you can guys print it and have this information everywhere by hand until you will exercise this awesome new healthy habit for yourself!

      Tips for healthy snacking:

      • Better to have rich in protein rather then in carbs snack like nuts/seeds vs crackers (unless crackers are made from seeds/ nuts/ quinoa/ buckwheat etc.)
      • Veggies vs fruits: both high in vitamins and minerals but fruits are also high in sugar – this would be the reason to give preference more towards the veggies, plus veggies work so nicely with yummy healthy dips like hummus, tahini sauce etc.
      • If you buy your snacks like crackers or even nuts – make sure to check the labels. Organic, non-GMO, no preservatives, colors would be the things to check.
      • Better to go with savory snacks rather then sweet snacks. High quality sea salt is highly alkaline. Sugar in any form is acid L. But of course having berries I think is a good snacking option!

       Print out and keep this list close so it will help you to stay on track until next meal!


      Alkaline Snacks Ideas

      Snack Construction

      Food Examples/ Variations & Notes

      Dips + veggies/ fruits/ chips

      Healthy Alkaline Snacks Plate

      For example:

      • Hummus + Veggie Sticks (cucumbers, carrot, snap peas, bell pepper)
      • Pumpkin Seed Butter on bell pepper slices and sea salt
      • Tahini (instead of ranch) with lemon juice & sea salt + cut veggies
      • Almond/Sunflower butter + green apple/ celery
      • Guacamole + veggie chips/ bean chips/ flaxseed crackers.

      Nuts/seeds + berries/veggie/fruits


      Use your imagination here like:

      • Pecans & Pomegranate
      • Almonds & Cherry tomatoes
      • Pumpkin/Sunflower seeds & Blueberries
      • Avocado cut in half, sprinkle some pine nuts, cilantro leaves, sea salt and black pepper on top.
        • Better to have your nuts and seeds sprouted – easier to digest and more alkaline.  
        • Dry fruits and berries are high in sugar that’s why I would prefer eat them fresh.
        • Peanuts and cashews are high fungal, so better to avoid them.

        Quick “Bread and Butter”

        Healthy Alkaline Sandwich

        Yeast free, sprouted, gluten free bread or you can replace it with organic brown rice cakes. For example:

        • A bread piece/ rice cake with avocado slices sprinkling w/ some hempseeds and sprouts on top;
        • A bread slice with pesto, fresh cucs and some fresh parsley and/or basil on top.
        • Guacamole/nut butter on Brown rice cake or bread.


        Sunseed is my fav. type of the “Manna bread” brand. It’s yeast free, sprouted, has less sugar then other types of this brand. (it’s also on the pic).

        “Alkaline wraps”

        Healthy Alkaline Veggie Wraps

        Be creative here, you can use any snacks from here and just create a wrap with them!

        Sprouted grain tortillas, coconut wraps, veggies wraps, and fresh veggies (like lettuce, bell pepper) would be the best healthy options for wrapping good stuff like:

        •  Spread tahini on sprouted grain tortilla, add avocado, sprouts and sun-fried tomatoes, some lemon juice, olive oil and sea salt and you are done!
        • Cut bell pepper in half and stuff with smashed avocado, pumpkin seeds/ walnuts, mixed greens, some spice and sea salt!

        Shakes/Smoothies/Soups/ Puddings

        Healthy Alkaline Berry Shake

        It’s perfect refreshing snacks! The less sugary the better. Some ideas:

        • 2 cups frozen berries, 2 cups spinach, 2 Tbsp. chis seeds, ½ avocado, 12 oz. purified water – blend it and drink it! (makes 3 cups)
        • ½ avocado, ½ English cucumber, 1 cups fresh spinach, 3 peeled limes, 1 tsp of coconut sugar, pinch of sea salt, about 15 ice cubs – blend and refresh yourself!
        • Very simple and delicious soup: blend 1 tomato, ½ English cucumber, 3-5 leaves of fresh basil, 1 cup spinach, olive oil, sea salt to taste. Add some crunchiness on top!
        • Chia Pudding: Pour 1 cup of unsweetened (best if homemade) almond milk over 1/4 cup of Chia Seeds into a Bowl, mix, wait about 10 minutes, mix again, sprinkle some coconut sugar and frozen mixed berries. Enjoy!

        Veggies and low sugar fruits 

        Alkaline Fruits and Veggies

        For light snacks fruits and veggies are the way to go! Eat them fresh in season, organic, not overripe.  There are some fruits that are less sugary like green apples, watermelons, grapefruits, pomegranate, watermelon, berries etc.

        DIY Snacks

        Homemade Chips

        Some ideas for DIY snacks that you can prepare ahead of time and keep for couple weeks:

        • Kale chips
        • Oven roasted chickpeas
        • Dehydrated veggies
        • Homemade sprouted grain chips
        • Seed crackers
        • Healthy truffle balls (like almond pecans)

        Snacks to buy

        Healthy snacks to buy

        You can also buy come snacks to have them by hand anytime:

        Kale chips, crunchy chickpeas, flax crackers or other raw/oven backed crackers (better if made from gluten free and seed flours like quinoa, buckwheat, millet, amaranth), pea snacks, sprouted nuts and seeds, bean snacks, see weed snacks etc.


        Please let me know what do you think about those snacks! Maybe new snack ideas? Please share!

        And of course - Have little garden and grow your colorful snacks! 
        Loves, Veronica at



        Quick Guide For Healthy Oils September 23, 2015 12:53

        Hi folks,
        I think it’s a good idea to have a quick healthy oil guide by hands. 

        We often hear: "is the flax oil good for you?" or any other oil. Here is the information for you I extracted from some good sources, just do a screenshot of this post or save the photo and have this info anytime you need it!

        No-fat diet could be very dangerous (nutritional deficiencies and degeneration). But they key is to eat healthy fats and avoid bad fats. Here we go:

        Bad: Saturated fats (found in butter, cheese, red meat) and partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats) raise your “bad” cholesterol etc.

        Good: We get a good long-lasting energy from healthy oils that come from seeds and nuts, fruits and veggies, fish. They also help building the cell walls, producing hormones, strengthening immune cells, eliminating toxins etc.

        Here is healthy oils options:

        Avocado oil
        Borage oil
        Coconut oil
        Evening primrose oil
        Fish oil
        Flax oil
        Grape seed oil
        Hemp oil
        Olive oil
        Pumpkin seed oil
        Sesame oil
        Walnut Oil

        Those listed below are great sources of Omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. You can also buy their combination in the suggested ratio 3:1:1 (accordingly) like Udo’s brand.
        Plus, very rare and healthy omega-5 oil that is found in pomegranate seeds – so chew those seeds as well when eating pomegranate!

        Where to buy: You can find those oils in the refrigerated section of the store (especially health foods stores) or you can buy online.

        ! - Look for cold-pressed oils - possibly organic - don’t heat the oils yourself - keep refrigerated and use quickly. Read labels to avoid additives to those oils.

        How to use: Use them in your “lemon/lime-healthy oil-sea salt-fav seasoning” dressing and dizzle on steamed veggies (only after cooking the food). Add to shakes/smoothes.

        Best oils to cook (from my research): coconut oil (make sure it’s hexane-free, possibly organic and free of bleaching, deodorizing, refining, or hydrogenation). Other oils (even olive oil!) when heated go rancid.

        Try to avoid: corn, soy, peanut, cottonseed oils, and mixed vegetable oils (mostly GMO, contain toxic etc.).


        Sources: Dr. Mercola, Dr Oz, Dr. Young, Dr Weil


        Thank you for reading this! I'm feeling blessed sharing good info with you :) 

        Loves, Veronica at

        Let's Add Healthy Crunch to Your Salad! September 03, 2015 21:39 1 Comment

        But the salad becomes more enjoyable when to add something crunchy to it. And we can go smart & alkaline about that!

        The regular croutons are often very salty, fried, high in carbs, acidic preservatives...

        I want to share with you some ideas from how I love to diverse my salads with crunchiness! They won't compromise alkaline design of the body and instead they will add a good nutritional value to your salad! Yum! 

        1. What about crushing down some healthy crunchy crackers over your salads. Ideally raw crackers like flax crackers would be great - high in omegas, high in fiber and in protein. 

        I love those brands: Doctor in The Kitchen Flackers (Rosemary, Dill, Savory, Sun-dried Tomatoes Basil), Two Moms in the Raw, or Mary's Gone Crackers (Super seeds flavor is the purest one, it does not contain alcohol or tamari. Other flavors: herbs, jalapeno, black pepper, onion, and original). Or you can make your own crackers! 


        2. Healthy Chips Alternatives - I have the whole blog post about chips please visit it when you have a minute. But sweet potato chips or apple chips works great on salads - especially when there are tons of small pieces left in the bag - they would be a nice crunchy additive to your salad! just make sure they are made from pure ingredients without preservatives and bad oils.


        3. Baked Crunchy Peas Snacks  - I am particularly in love with "Organic Peas Please" by peeled snacks. Those guys are as a snack anytime!


        4. Beans & Garbanzo Beans Snacks - high in protein and fiber, they became popular lately. My favorite brands: The Good Bean and Snack Out Loud (made from kidney beans). 


        5. Sprouted Seeds and Nuts - this would be the best option I believe. You can buy already sprouted (but the price is higher in compare to not sprouted) or you can soak them overnight (best in alkaline water) and dehydrate after. You can add some spices or just sea salt to have them more flavorful. Perfect alkaline food/ snack just anytime! 


        6. Brown Rice Crisps and O's - just look at the ingredients list, better when they are low or without sugar, gluten free (better made from beans, lentils, quinoa, millet etc.). I love those brands: Power O's by LoveGrown Food (original flavor - ), Veganic Sprouted Oat's and Veganic Sprouted Brown Rice Crisps - both by One Degree Organic Foods.


        7. And now I am thinking about that we forget something - we can do our own healthy croutons. It's very easy to do - just cut your healthy bread alternative (I love Manna bread - sprouted, no yeast, no preservatives etc) and season, add sea salt and bake until crispy! A actually will create recipe and add the link next week. 

        I hope those ideas will be helpful for you and the new crunchiness will make your stomach craving the salad even more!

        I appreciate your time and attention.
        Loves, Veronica at

        Citrus Fruits: Acidic or Alkaline? Plus Citrus Dressing over the Citrus Salad and Grapefruit Treat Recipes. July 29, 2015 01:44

        Citrus fruits are delicious. Let’s take a look at them closer. First of all, we need to understand that the actual pH of the food itself has nothing to do with how it works in our bodies. And citrus fruits are a great example.
        Many people think that lemons, limes, and grapefruits have an acidic effect on the body. But they actually are very alkalizing to our system. Why? Because of their low sugar content. Lemons, limes, and grapefruits are low sugar citrus. And they are metabolized to alkaline residues because of their high alkaline sodium & potassium salts and low sugar content. On the other hand, oranges, tangerines, or clementines are high-glycemic citrus fruits that make raise the blood sugar levels. And because they are full of sugar they are acid-forming within the body. Of course there is more scientific description how it happens in our body system. But since I am not a scientist I will leave that information out. Also see references at the and of the article.
         So, please enjoy different types of limes like key or Persian limes, Meyer or regular lemons, pink, white, or red ruby grapefruits by quizzing them into your water, creating citrus flavorful dressings with them, or just adding themtoyour salads. Oranges, tangerines, or clementines are better when used in moderation and in season. They could be a nice sweet addition to the salads. They also could be a good treat when eating the whole fruit once in a while and kids love them!
        Today I would like to share with you tree quick and easy recipes that include citrus fruits in them. Please enjoy and share with your friends!
         3-Minutes Ginger-Lime Dressing.
        This dressing will be good for almost every salad! It’s very easy and quick to do. And you can keep it in the fridge for up to 5 days (I think even longer but to make sure it’s fresh let’s say 5 days). You need only couple ingredients and a glass bottle.
        • Juice of 2 juicy limes – approx 3 oz. = 9-10 Tbsp
        • 1 Tbsp of fresh grated ginger 5 Tbsp Flaxseed oil (cold-pressed) or olive oil will work as well
        • 2 Tbsp flaxseed meal 1 tsp Sea Salt to taste
        • 1 Tbsp of pure water
        Makes 7 oz = 200 g of dressing
        Note: this dressing is kind of strong so you may have to ad 1-2 Tbsp more water and 1-2 Tbsp more flaxseed meal to make it more gentle.
        Please use this dressing on salads or steamed veggies, drizzle some when doing your wraps. I guess it can even work when you drizzle some on your cooked quinoa, mille, buckwheat, or brown rice.
        Grapefruit Salad with 3-Minutes Ginger-Lime Dressing (dressing above)
        When I was doing the photos for this dressing I did a nice grapefruit salad. See, it’s a very citrus salad I guess. But I enjoyed this salad so much. It’s very easy to assemble, about 3 minutes or less.

        Time: about 10-15 minutes (depend on how ready you have other ingredients)
        Serving: this is just one big serving, or two smaller. You can just double the ingredients for a bigger amount.
        Here are the ingredients (Only after you add dressing then slightly mix the salad):
        • A generous handful of mixed greens
        • ½ of the grapefruit peeled and cut (any type, I used red ruby)
        • ½ half of the avocado
        • 2 Tbsp cut red onions
        • about a handful of pecans and pistachios nuts together (but you can use any nuts/seeds you have except the peanuts and cashews, they are not recommended to eat a lot because of the high fungus content)
        • You can use 3-Minutes Ginger-Lime Dressing from above.
        5-Minutes Broiled Grapefruit Treat
        • 1 or two grapefruits
        • 1 Tbs palm sugar
        • Cinnamon
        Preheat your oven's broiler to high.
        Cut the grapefruit in half. You can slightly cut off the bottom of each half, so that they can be more stable. Using sharp knife cut around the edges before the the rind. Then do some cuts inside the grapefruit, along the lines of the segments. Put the grapefruit halves on the parchment paper on the pan, but be careful parchment paper can burn, so the foil works better. Spread about one tbsp. over the top of each half (not the rind), depends how sweet the grapefruit is and how you like it. Then sprinkle with cinnamon. After broiling it for about 3-5 minutes remove from oven. And enjoy when it's still warm.
        Tip: A special grapefruit knife makes the cutting process easier.
        Please let me know how you liked these recipes! And thank you for your time.
        Loves, Veronica at

        Chips! March 11, 2014 23:46

        Everybody loves crunchy salty stuff! Chips! We eat them as an appetizer with some sauce or just like a snack, side dish etc. today let's talk about more healthy choices of the chips.

        Corn and potato chips are very popular today. I don’t want to focus on what’s wrong with them. Just enough to say they are loaded with fried oil (often GMO☹), with processed salt (!), most potatoes and corn used for chips are not organic and GMO. They are simple carbs which are sugars☹ Moreover corn contains 25 different mycotoxin-producting fungi (see resources at the bottom of the articles)… They are definitely not alkaline and bad for us. Enough!!!

        And now a nice part for you – let’s go shopping in absentia☺ Here are some pictures for you of the chips ready to buy.

        Sweet potato chips TERRA brand are free of artificial additives, sweeteners, preservatives (some types of this brand). Sweet potato is complex carb, high in vitamin A, ok if eat in moderation (20% of your plate) with alkaline meal like guacamole☺ Costco offers now a big bag of sweet potato chips (pic on the left).


        Bean chips or Bean & Rice chips are becoming very popular now but many contain too much stuff to be more healthy alternative. These brands are pretty pure.

        Also crispbread is very popular these days. It’s also crunchy. Better to choose gluten-free and yeast-free, no sugar added.

        This one is my favorite! It’s crispy, made from buckwheat (which is a seed not a grain). It has kind of plain taste (which I like because my fresh herbs add flavor I want!) but it’s very crispy. Made in France, less then 1% of sugar. Expensive☹ that’s why you will enjoy it even more☺.

        And also I want to show you how quickly to do your own chips from these guys: sprouted wheat tortillas, sprouted grains tortillas, or black/brown rice tortillas. My favorite brand is Engine 2 Plant-strong.

        Quick Crunchy Flavorful Chips

        The nicest thing about doing your own chips is that you can experiment with different flavors!

        Serving: I’m exactly here: 48 middle-sized chips. Here is the calculation: if the bag has 6 tortillas, you cut each of them into 8 pieces it will make 48. Be sure to count them every time after somebody appears on kitchen because it’s Yummm☺.

        Time: 5 minutes (not including oven process)

        4 basic ingredients I’m using:

        • 1 bag of tortillas (see brands on the pic below)
        • Grapeseed or coconut oil (best oils for for cooking, they don’t destroys at high temp)
        • Spices you prefer (see ingredient list for their pureness. Some of the spices have even trans-fats!)
        • Sea Salt
        • Lots of love! – Very important ingredient. Always add it to every meal to boos the taste of the final product☺

        Note: all these grains are slightly alkaline or even acidic (especially when baked) that’s why I include them into 20-30% of your meal like add crunchiness to your salad, serve with alkaline sauce (guacamole, dairy-free pesto, tahini sauce etc.).

        I want to write “Let’s get started!” but we are almost finish our chips☺

        Directions: Take a tortilla, slightly grease with the oil so that the spices can stick. You can do both sides or just one. Add a little bit if the Sea salt or just leave it (like I prefer to do). I'm using the palm of my hand to oil and spice the tortilla. Take your tortilla, slightly(!) bend in half , then bend again in half , again, and again. It’s easier to break them into even pieces after they are done. You should have 8 even pieces (like sunrays) or you can do bigger pieces - only 4 from 1 tortilla. See pic. Put an the oven rack at approx. 300-350F, bake until a little brown and crispy, about 8 minutes. Take from the oven, break and enjoy!

        Attention: Don’t forget turn off the oven and take them from the oven! My experience tells me to tell you again: Don’t forget turn off the oven and take them from the oven!


        Thank you for your time. Enjoy your Health!



        Taken from The pH Miracle by Robert O. Young, PhD, and Shelley Redford Young

        • About corn and corn products p. 114
        • About simple carbohydrates p.102
        • About low-carbohydrate veggies p. 93

        Guacamole that my husband, kids & my friends love! March 09, 2014 21:38

        Guacamole is VERY HEALTHY! Especially if you do it with 100% alkaline ingredients. My recipe is so. This means eat as much as you want☺ There are different recipes for guacamole that are easy to find on internet. They all are yummy! Only replace apple cider vinegar with lime/lemon juice.

        I had guests in our house the other night and after that dinner they asked for recipes. So, I know you can’t wait for the recipe and I’ll give you it first but MAKE SURE to read after about why Gods choose to eat the main ingredient – avocado every day!

        Serving: just 1 for Veronica☺ but probably will be enough for 3 people if you use it just as an appetizer.

        Time: 10-15 minutes

        Here are the ingredients I’m using:

        • 3 Haas avocados, halved, seeded.
        • 2 Roma tomatoes, seeded and diced.
        • 1/2 medium red onion, diced (about 4-5 Tbl diced onion)
        • 4-5 Tbl chopped cilantro.
        • juice of 1 lime.
        • Sea salt and black pepper to taste.
        • Lots of love!

        Let's do it!

        First chop cilantro and red onion (I like more red onion but you can use yellow or green onions). I like when cilantro and onion look in the same proportions (4-5 Tbl each of those). Then I add lime juice and sea salt (I like the taste of Real Salt brand). Mix really well. Then I dice beautiful tomatoes (I like to take off the skin) and mix. I don’t like to smash the avocado a lot so it’s the last ingredient I add. I halve avocados and cut them in small cubes before taking from the skin. After that mix lightly or reach any consistency you like. Add salt, lime juice, pepper if needed more. I usually do it pretty salty☺ Love salt. It’s an energy for our body!

        Let's serve this yummy stuff☺! You can use avocado skin as a small bowl and serve it with some more healthy corn chips alternative like sweet potato chips (Terra is a good brand) or make your own chips from sprouted 7 grains tortillas like I did for this guacamole. How to do chips and healthy alternative for chips to buy you can find here.


        Some tips:

        • Some people use food processor for that but I love the chew part of guacamole. And as always food prepared by hand is fulfilled with more energy! -So you need a deep bowl and a spoon for that. There is also special Mexican equipment for that purpose called mortar and pestle.
        • Variations: you can do variations and add spices, hot pepper☺

        Please Enjoy! ☺

        And now educate yourself about the health benefits of the AVOCADO because our heart, eyes, skin, immune system are very happy when we eat this God’s butter. And here is why:

        • The monosaturated fats in avocados are very healthy. They are good for the heart and reducing LDL cholesterol. Since avocados also lower the triglycerides in the blood diabetic patients can enjoy them.
        • Rich in vitamins A and E (protects our skin from free radicals) and are full of other alkalizing nutrients like potassium (Attention: they are 30% more potassium than banana with less sugar!). This fruit is high in folate and B6 and thus great for pregnant women.
        • Your eyes will love this fruit because of the carotenoid lutein, which keeps the eyes safe from oxidative stress, macular degeneration, and cataracts.
        • Rich in antioxidants, especially the master antioxidant glutathione boosts immune systems, slows the aging process.
        • Being rich in numerous phytonutrients and the oleic acid (great for woman!), avocado is a anticancer food.

        Eat avocado. Smile. Be happy! Thank you for your time, my friends. God Bless You☺